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Welcome to our first blog post

Untitled design (2)I've made many blog post regarding how to be successful in managing career services at for-profit career schools and colleges over the past few years.  This blog will focus entirely on ways and means of creating sustainable growth, especially for those who own and operate small career schools.

It is unlikely you will create that sustainable growth by doing what you did just a few years ago.  In this era, creating sustainable growth may require you to make a fundamental change in approach AND in your underlying assumptions.

From my perspective, school owners have only two choices now, try to win by banging your head against a wall trying to do more of the same thing to get different results, or win by having the courage to become more unique and remarkable.

The objective of this blog is to provide a forum to discuss new best practices to create sustainable growth in the face of competition, and rapid changes in marketing, technology and compliance.

Please participate, and if you believe you have a lot to contribute, ask to become a guest author.

Success always,

Lee Gamelin