How To Structure Effective Career Services, Part 2 of 3
Ten Habits and Skills Sets for Admission Representative Success

How To Structure Effective Career Services, Part 3 of 3

Copy of Copy of Copy of DESIGN (1)In part one of the three-part series, I stated there are three distinct functions that need to be carried out to structure highly effective career services; one crosses over into education.

  • Transformative learning
  • Coaching
  • “Selling” fee-free recruitment services

Part One focused on transformative learning, which you can review here.  Part Two focused on a seminar and coaching program which you can review here.  This post, Part Three, focuses on designing student recruitment initiatives on a professional services business model.

One of the earmarks of a successful career services program is the ability of the institution to generate continual recruitment of graduates by employers and staffing agencies.  Designing student recruitment initiatives on a professional services business model will cause an organization to reach their full potential in generating student recruitment.  To be successful, institutions must create and develop a complete marketing and sales system for their career center staff.  In addition to developing a complete marketing and sales system, the person or people engaged in consulting with employers to identify employment needs need to be well-trained placement specialists and consultative sales professionals.

The magic formula for marketing fee-free recruitment of qualified graduates is choosing a set of simple, effective things to do, and doing them consistently.  That means creating a system that will enable a school to do just that.

Initially, and to be effective, the career center must choose specific strategies for direct contact and follow-up with employers, and networking and referral building.  The career center will also have to choose a series of “success ingredients” to support the strategies.  These may include:

  • Developing a separate website (different from the school website), that tells employers what you do and why they should use your services.  The site could be made more robust by offering free resources, capturing visitor contact information and including pages of profiles of graduates available for employment.
  • Social media profile and pages for the career center.
  • Live networking venues where career center staff can go in person to meet prospective employers and referral partners.
  • Online networking venues.
  • Speaking venues
  • Advertising venues, and so on.

Regardless of what success ingredients are chosen, every career center needs a foolproof marketing and sales plan that continually generates new employment opportunities for its graduates.

Wrap up

Defined in roles,  a successful career services thrust includes at least an educator skilled in the transformative learning process, a skilled seminar leader and coach, and a placement specialist with sales skills.

I hope this series created value of those who read the three posts, and your feedback will be most appreciated.

If you wish to subscribe to my blog posts and get them directly by email, go to and complete the sign-up form.  In this era, creating sustainable growth may require schools to make a fundamental change in approach AND their underlying assumptions.  This blog is a forum for those who wish to learn how to make those changes and add to the discussions.


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