How To Structure Effective Career Services, Part 3 of 3
One way to increase your placement rates

Ten Habits and Skills Sets for Admission Representative Success

  1. DESIGN (1)Genuine interest in helping others:  Will have at all times the best interest of the prospective student in mind. Acts as an advisor, successfully guiding the prospective student to the decision that will best benefit their lives. They present quality engagement and strong human relations skills. They are committed to the institution, the careers for which the school provides training, and to the students.
  2. Committed to continuous learning, planning, and mastery of organization, time and task management and to achieving their goals:  Every hour of every day is laid out beforehand. Every minute used to drive toward achieving the goals.
  3. Demonstrates leadership confidently on the telephone:  Tunes into every phone conversation keenly. Always has a favorable outcome resulting in appointments with prospective students who are deemed a reasonable fit.
  4. Questions effectively and listen actively:  The real professionals are those who can listen to the other person and identify that person’s needs, and then supply the correct solution to those needs. Knows that all the information that is needed to “secure an enrollment” comes directly from the person who is inquiring and considering enrolling.
  5. Delivers an approved strategic communication plan consistently:  As well as being great listeners, they are fluent in communicating readily all the facts, features, and benefits associated with the careers for which the institution provides training, the school and its programs and services. They limit this communication to that which is approved by the institution and relevant to the particular prospective student. Being an excellent communicator means they have the ability to tune in with the prospective student and communicate in such a way that the prospective student sees all the benefits of enrolling, starting and graduating without delay clearly.
  6. Provides timely follow-ups:  Follows up is timely. The top performer is relentless in making contact with all inquirers, new and mature, along with enrolled pre-start students. They schedule time in their daily calendar to make follow-up activities a priority for themselves. They keep in touch with old prospects on a quarterly basis because they know there are golden nuggets in those old leads. For the exceptional representative, follow-up is natural and comes easily. They love the challenge of reaching and helping people.
  7. Anticipates and solves problems:  The top performers know that, with every prospective student, there will be problems, concerns, and issues to resolve. There will be shared and unique issues. The top performer is always quick in thinking of the proper solution for every situation. The common problems will be on the tip of their tongue, and the solutions to unique issues will come swiftly to their mind.
  8. Motivates and Influences:  The accomplished representative will always have a natural ability to motivate those around them. They know that some prospective students will need guidance and support to make the right decision to get an education for themselves. The Master will always be on the lookout for those in need of a little “kick in the pants” to get them going. The Master spends time reading motivational books and is always seeking to help others around them.
  9. Masters of consultative selling:  True masters are always leading others by example. The top 20% of admissions professionals are always in the role of leading others. They are always happy to share their knowledge with a seeker.
  10. Sustain and project a positive attitude and professional image:  They are always attired in a neat, clean and professional manner. They walk upright with confidence. They demonstrate strong relationship building and human relations skills consistently. They always speak in a professional manner and never speak with profanity.


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