Ten Habits and Skills Sets for Admission Representative Success
Do you employ a complete marketing and sales system to promote your career center services?

One way to increase your placement rates

Increase placement rates (1)You just cannot achieve high employment success in all your programs unless your students are putting in as much effort into their job search as you are in securing recruitment from potential employers!

The problem is most career schools, and colleges provide their students only with opportunities to learn how to write résumés, answer interview questions, and dress for success. These are individual skills useful at some stage of the process but are simply not enough to be successful in a 21st-century technology-driven job search.

A 21st-century job search requires self-directed job search and personal marketing skills that are rarely included in school curricula or taught at career and placement centers. So instead of designing an effective job search campaign, the typical graduate begins looking for work by exploring posting on Internet job boards or reading ads in the newspaper, or worse yet simply waits for calls from the career center office; a prescription for extended unemployment and marginal employment success rates.

Why?  Because they’ve never learned (or were taught) 10 essentials to get the job they want quickly.  Teach these essentials as part of your programs and your placements rates will rise!

  1. How to approach their job search as a well-planned asset-building personal marketing campaign, not a flex time mini-vacation.
  2. How to develop a clear idea what they want to do and what value they can bring to an organization.
  3. How to research industries and occupations that need their skills.
  4. How to target companies within those industries that need their skills and contact them directly.
  5. How to seek out and contact those people who have the authority to hire or supervise a person with their qualifications.
  6. How to network with people who love their jobs and their employers.
  7. How to write compelling credibility statements as cover letters.
  8. How to write accomplishment-based objective tailored résumés.
  9. How to follow up religiously.
  10. How to design a 25 to 44 hour a week job search effort.


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