Do you employ a complete marketing and sales system to promote your career center services?
How to Market Your Career Center to Employers - Filling the Pipeline

Help your students build a solid foundation for a successful job search before they graduate!

Career School SuccessI’ve said this many time before, and I will say it many more times, a school simply cannot achieve high employment success in all their programs unless students are putting in as much effort into their job search as the school is in securing recruitment from potential employers!

So, what’s one way to get students to partner with you for mutual success?  Enable them to build a solid job search foundation well in advance of graduation.  Here’s a webinar I created that may help in this endeavor.

Please feel free to share this webinar entitled “How to Lay a Solid Job Search Foundation Before You Graduate” with any or all of your students you believe will benefit.  Your feedback will be most welcomed.

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