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How to Market Your Career Center to Employers - Filling the Pipeline

Career Services SuccessWhether you perceive it this way or not, your career center is a service business with a major mission - generate recruitment for your graduates!

As with any other service business, filling your marketing pipeline with prospective recruiters will be an ongoing process for as long as your school exists.  If you’re already generating all the recruitment you need to satisfy the employment needs of your graduates - CONGRATULATIONS!  Move to the head of the class.

But if you are not generating enough recruitment, you may need to develop some additional success ingredients to fill your pipeline with more employers eager to interview your graduates.

Here are the essential ingredients for filling your pipeline with prospective recruiters of your graduates.

  • A complete written description of your career center services.  A solid description of services can be the basis of numerous other marketing tools, such as a website, marketing letter, or telephone script.
  • Market niche definition.  Your market niche definition identifies the people, businesses, goals and problems your career center is primarily designed to serve.
  • 10-second introduction is a concise summary of your career center services that your staff can use when they shake someone’s hand, stand up in front of a group, or call someone on the phone
  • Business cards specific to the career center.
  • Helping career center staff develop self-confidence skills.
  • A career center website separate from your school’s website.  A separate career center website can be a powerful tool for filling the pipeline, follow up or both.
  • Career center social media profile/page, again separate from your school’s main social media pages.  A career center social media profile or page can give your career center an interactive platform for direct contact and follow-up, networking and referral building, and other marketing strategies.

Remember, marketing in its simplest form is telling people what you do, over and over again.  So, go out and tell employers how great are your services to them...over and over!

Help your students build a solid foundation for a successful job search before they graduate!

Career School SuccessI’ve said this many time before, and I will say it many more times, a school simply cannot achieve high employment success in all their programs unless students are putting in as much effort into their job search as the school is in securing recruitment from potential employers!

So, what’s one way to get students to partner with you for mutual success?  Enable them to build a solid job search foundation well in advance of graduation.  Here’s a webinar I created that may help in this endeavor.

Please feel free to share this webinar entitled “How to Lay a Solid Job Search Foundation Before You Graduate” with any or all of your students you believe will benefit.  Your feedback will be most welcomed.

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