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Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage With Innovative Career Services Platforms

Create a sustainable competitive advantage (2)In the frontier of creating competitive advantages, not much is left for career schools and colleges.

All major competitors are licensed.  All major competitors are accredited.  All major competitors are Title IV or WOIA eligible institutions or both.  All major competitors offer in-demand occupational training.  All major competitors teach résumé writing and interviewing skills.  All major competitors offer job placement assistance.  The entire industry has been commoditized!

So what’s left?

Where can a career school or college create superior value for their students and graduates and sustainable growth for their institution?  The answer is in designing a new career services paradigm and creating innovative, transformative learning programs and job development services that impact placement rates significantly.

In today’s market, one of the single biggest competitive advantages is a compelling student experience.  And one of the most compelling experiences is employment success!

A strong career services program is a career school’s greatest asset in creating superior value and recognized differentiation advantage.

  • It creates a compelling reason for prospective students to visit a school without the need to build extensive marketing messages and spend enormous sums on marketing and advertising.
  • It creates compelling reasons for students to stay in school increasing retention rates and profits.
  • It ensures consistently high employment success rates.
  • It creates a strong referral base, again minimizing marketing and advertising costs.
  • It makes point-of-sale messages far more compelling.
  • It’s the “proof of the pudding.”
  • It’s the reason career schools and colleges are in business!

Pro-Active Students + Continual Student Recruitment = High Employment Rates!

A school must accelerate both sides of the equation to create a sustainable competitive advantage, and be hovering near benchmark placement percentages will not provide that competitive edge.  In today’s marketplace, good is not good enough!