How Does Gamelin Associates Rebuild Career School?

SmallLogoIt all starts with a Business Development Assessment (BDA)  The objective of the BDA is to provide a comprehensive written report outlining our analysis of your school’s stage of development and competitive position with a plan summary to guide your school business in achieving sustainable growth.

With this plan, you will be able to make informed decisions about the overall direction in which your business is going and what resources you’ll need to implement the plan. We may also be able to help you during the implementation phase of the strategic plan.

Conducting the Business Development Assessment

Our process starts with a 2-day on-site appraisal of your key financial and non-financial performance indicators. We will review your long-term goals, assess your plan assumptions about your local economy, your industry sector, your market and outside influences particular to your business. We will evaluate exploitable company strengths and market opportunities. We will also assess business weaknesses that need resolution, and analyze potential risks.

We will interview your staff confidentially to gain their knowledge of your operating capabilities and opportunities for enhancing your operations.

After conducting the on-site assessment, we will submit a written report that outlines what company thrusts and business strategies we suggest. This assessment will enable you to make completely informed decisions about the direction you may choose to take your school business.

If you believe you are not getting the most out of your school’s operation, or it is in decline, Gamelin Associates can help you determine those improvements that will enable you to turn it around. The ultimate goal of working with us is to improve your capacity for sustainable growth, whether it is by operating more effectively, improving the student experience, or expanding your operation.

The Business Development Assessment is conducted on a fixed fee basis of $4,000 plus travel expenses.

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